Olfactory marketing in Latin America

Olfabrand™ is a leading company in Latin America, with a network of Partners that work in an exceptional way to offer you the best service in the sector.


Olfactory marketing or branding improves the emotional attachment between brands and their audiences, increasing the perception of value in the experience of the end customer.


We have a team of perfumers and marketing that translate corporate values into essences.


For 12 years we work with different industries, achieving double digit in different corporate challenges increments pruebadasdasdsadsadasdfdasf in the market places.


Our aroma diffusers have appropriate technology for an exceptional broadcasting.


We are present in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. Through distributors, partners and associates.


Only company in the region with local and global experts in branding, neuromarketing, and chemistry.


Rent monthly

Monthly income of olfactory Marketing

We have the ability to provide exceptional service for scent Marketing, all inclusive; you only pay a monthly fee and its spaces will be set by our experience to the customer. According to your budget, we have plans from 1 to 5 years. Scent marketing as you prefer to rent or purchase.

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Environment and service spaces customer at a click

Contracted with Olfabrand™ a service of olfactory marketing. You buy the technology, we bring to your business the fragrance service. The fragrance will be chosen once you are subscribed. If you have questions before you subscribe to our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We design your olfactory signature

An exclusive fragrance for your brand

We have 12 years creating emotions from the most sophisticated fragrances of the world. Olfabrand™ has a team of perfumers, market researchers and experts in Branding work so your brand smell incredibly well. We interpret the State of mind of their audiences and become the best odor to represent your brand.

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