Group Dopamini™

We are a group of companies for innovation in marketing. Since 2004 we are improving the experiences of points of sale, B2B and consumer purchase. Our approach is comprehensive and we develop four major areas that constitute the focus of our business: strategic innovation, sensory Marketing, NeuroMarketing and analytical of the Shopper in real time. Today marketing executives have a challenge far greater than previous decades, where words like Engagement or emotional bond begin to play a very important role. Dopamini™ goes beyond the Memorial and is your perfect partner to improve their shopping experiences. Good experiences are remembered in the long term, generate high emotional connection and Dopamini™ have a special ingredient: the wow effect!


ofabrand-logo-marketing-olfactory• Marketing • olfactory

Olfactory branding for brands. We improve the experiences of your customers. 

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audioni-audio-marketing-logo Audio Marketing •

Music to the measure of your brand and your customers. Proprietary streaming platform.

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shoppermetric-shopper-analytics-logo Shopper Analytics •

Learn about the metrics and their points of sale opportunities. Sensor counting customers and travel maps.

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