Design of fragrance

Why design your brand smell with us?

Design the fragrance exclusive and to the measurement of your brand. We have more than 10 years designing olfactory signatures from more sophisticated fragrances in the world. Olfabrand™ has a team of perfumers, market researchers and experts in Branding in various parts of the world who work to find your sensory ADN and translate it in a fragrance for your brand.

Improve the emotional connection with your customers

85% of purchases are emotional, Olfabrand™ helps you improve the olfactory experience at your point of sale.

Team of perfumers local and global

Each fragrance is a world, Olfabrand™ visit each one of them to bring you something different and unique to your brand.

Reinforce the Branding of your brand

The sense of smell has 35% of memorial opposite the 6 and 8 of what one listener or sees, Olfabrand™ is the only company in Latin America offering olfactory Branding.

Fragrances with nanotechnology

Nanotechnology to ensure a homogeneous performance in all of your commercial space.

Difference versus the competition

Our experience Department makes 97% of our satisfied customers.

Fragrances with business intelligence

Improve your brand Top Of Mind with a better experience at every point of customer contact.

signature Olfativa

It makes your custom scent!


Fragrances in stock


It also has the possibility of choosing our wide and varied stock of fragrances fragrances. Keep in mind the following aspects to choose appropriate fragrance:

Olfactory families

Our families are made up by aromatic, wood, fruit, flowers, gastronomic, Oriental, and many more.

The fragrance features

Fragrances can be relaxing, energizing, spiritual, neutralizing, homely, sexy, exotic or sophisticated depending on your olfactory notes.

Recommended applications

Each fragrance of our stock has a recommendation for their application in different industries.

Intensity of fragrance

Every fragrance has its own tonality of intensity of aroma. It can be high, medium, or low.

Variety of fragrances

We have a large stock of fragrances for commercial use.

Certified fragrances

All our fragrances are certified according to the international institution of the aroma.

fragrance stock

You can choose more than 3,000 options

fill out our brief and so our team of perfumers will advise it for the best choice