Rent monthly

It includes lending diffusers and fragrance supply periodically. Replacement of fragrance service program according to your needs of olfactory marketing. When you hire a monthly income in Olfabrand™, the benefits are many.

The characteristics of our rental service for spaces which needed flavoring are:

  1. Olfactory signature selection

Our process starts with the selection of suitable fragrance for your brand, be it a fragrance of stock or an exclusive fragrance design.

3.  Custom installations

We install the technology with programming appropriate spaces.

4.   Monthly service

We provide our monthly refill fragrance and technical assistance service.

5.  Statements in the cloud

Has the possibility of having all the billing digital without need of print and payments online.

6.  Olfactory impact measurement

We measure every six months the impact of fragrance for your brand and present it graphically.

Buy diffuser & fragrance

Thinking of his saving Olfabrand™ it offers you the possibility of buying the diffuser.

OlfaSense™ diffuserdiffuser-olfasense OlfaSense – Pro™ diffuserdiffuser-olfasensepro OlfaPower™ diffuserdiffuser-olfaxtreme OlfaXtreme™ diffuserdiffuser-olfa-stream